miércoles, abril 19

You're interacting with your own energy in the form of experiential reality.
I came upon this quote a few days ago, and it's been resonating with me since then.
For the last couple of months, life has been dragging me down into a pit of grief I'm really struggling to get out of. I guess from an objective point of view (if there's such a thing as 'objetive' reality), my problems are 'not that bad'; just what we could call a successive series of unfortunate events. However, the way I see things, it's not events in themselves that determine the seriousness of the situation: it's the way we react to them. The point is, no matter what has actually been happening to me, lately I've been finding it hard to appreciate our beautiful Universe the way it was intended to be appreciated. My mind is clouded with thoughts keeping me from experiencing life at its fullest.
I find myself walking the tightrope between trying to snap out of everything and move on whilst also giving myself space to unleash my feelings.
I still don't know what the Universe has planned for me, nor why Life has put me on this difficult path. But I know the reason lies underneath all this pain. And it is precisely that conviction that keeps me going.

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