jueves, mayo 24

Guess what

This is in English because I don’t want everybody to understand it.
Sometimes I feel like I can express myself better in this language, and therefore things are easier for me.
Yesterday, I was thinking about how my life was in my worst days. Those days when everything I did was lying on my bed and cry myself to sleep. Those days when I used to think “None of them cares about me” “every single person hates me” and all that stuff.
Well, guess what…This shit just got real. I’m beginning to realise how alone I am. I’m going through those typical times when I lie myself, telling me that “everything is okay”. I would like to stand up in the streets and shout “HEY WORLD, LISTEN UP. EVERYTHING IS NOT FUCKING OKAY, OKAY?” But I can’t…
The main thing that I have learnt from “those days” is this: people get tired of your issues. They reach a point where they don’t even want to see you, because they know you will come with a new tragedy. PEOPLE GET TIRED OF LISTENING. And I don’t blame them, it’s completely normal but I NEED TO EXPRESS MYSELF, even if it’s through my blog.
Fortunately, today I have my session with Gloria, so I’m going to confess her all this crap that’s going on inside my mind. I know she will help me…she just saved my life. 

2 comentarios:

  1. La verdad, estoy indignada con lo que leo.
    Yo siempre te escucho, siempre te hablo, te saludo con la más buena onda. No podés decir que estás sola, que nadie te quiere escuchar. Me tomé el tiempo de escuchar tus problemas y tratar de ayudarte. No digo que me des el premio nobel a la amistad, porque lo hago por gusto. Pero el disgusto de leer esto, diciendo que NADIE te da bola, y que estás sola, es mentira. Pará un poco. Aba.

    1. Es mi blog y creo que tengo derecho a escribir lo que siento. Si entendiste que no valoro todo lo que hacés, lo lamento pero es tu problema. Si es tu opinión, me parece bien que la expreses. Beso.