viernes, abril 13

What I like about you

  • I like your smile
  • I like the way you laugh
  • I like your eyes
  • I like the fact that you're with your arms crossed all the time
  • I like your height 
  • I like it when you make me laugh
  • I like the weird things you can do with your tongue
  • I like the way you look at the teacher
  • I like that you don't understand a single word of what I'm saying
  • I like that we have so much in common when we talk about cultures and lenguages
  • I like your handwriting
  • I like your hands with its long fingers
  • I like your weirdness
  • I like the way you talk
  • I like your funny dance moves
  • I like your cellphone and the way you hold it
  • I like how you connect your last name with other words
  • I like the stupid pictures you take
  • I like your silly german
  • I like the way you stare at everything
  • I like the way you look at me
  • I like your name
  • I like your last name
  • I like your mistakes
  • I like your flawlessness
  • I like everything about you
Stay here forever.

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