jueves, febrero 2

Fue lindo mientras duró

You: hello
Stranger: Wana be my wife
You: sure :D
You: we should do our wedding
Stranger: Baby im going to make you so happy :)
You: haha okay...
You: but i want kids
Stranger: Alright anything for you babe
You: yaaaaaaay
Stranger: Alright baby
You: :D
You: i think we should have 3 kids
Stranger: How many children are we going to have
You: three three three!!!!
Stranger: Awesome I also agree
You: 2 girls, 1 boy?
Stranger: Haha like I said: anything for you baby
You: i think i already love you!!!!!!!!
Stranger: Me too baby, what state do you live in we have to get married
Stranger: (right now)
You: I'm argentinian but we can get married in your state
Stranger: Awwwww baby thank r you sure
You: yes really sure :D

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